Goa, India

I look back on my time in Goa, India, where I began my teacher training and I am excited to be passing on my knowledge to others.

India had not only given me the traditional yoga practices but also empowering experience for lifelong learning. It was a fantastic chance to Meet people from all over the world, make new friends and open my mind through the extraordinary process of self-discovery.

I cannot describe how beautiful my yoga journey was, the early morning practices and the beauty of the sunset classes enhanced my senses and the beauty as well as energy from nature fed my soul daily. It moved me both physically and emotionally. After coming back, I felt like a different person entirely, India had enhanced my energetic flow and I could not wait to share this beautiful energy with all the people who came my way.

I walk into the room and I am greeted with smiling faces, as I sit down, I take a deep breath. I am at ease, there is nowhere else I should be, all passing thoughts are dismissed and I am exactly where I belong.

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