In yoga there is a concept called Svatantrya, it means unlimited freedom. It is the freedom we have to exist, to know and to create.

Svātantrya is often described as an energy that emanates from the Supreme, a wave of motion inside consciousness that acts as the basis of the world.

I find It is best understood If you think of our bodies as vessels in which you experience your expansiveness and the freedom to creatively express yourself.

You are already free, and your creative energy is limitless. However, because we experience life through embodiment, we do not always feel this freedom. The confines of the body, the aches, the discomfort and physical pain experience of being in our body are very real. But by limiting us, these boundaries give us the ability in which to recognise and experience freedom.

One of the many things I found I love most about yoga is the feeling of having more liberty in my body after a great yoga class. I would often feel stiff and have some muscle pain beginning the class, which would slowly disappear throughout the practice. It was that sense of more space in my body that I enjoyed, particularly my joints.

I would often feel free and rejuvenated in both mind and body, and there were even times I had left the class feeling like I could conquer the world.

It was this feeling had got me addicted to yoga from the very beginning, and the more I explored the many freedoms that exist within my body, the more I benefited both physically and emotionally. I found that I saw the world from a different angle, as I learnt to control my emotions more, I became more understanding and in turn happier with my life.

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